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Multiple alignment analysis of the complete amino acid sequences of Ardsx and known doublesex orthologs was performed using Clustal X 2. Each primer contained a T7 promoter site. This strongly suggests that Ardsx in the sawfly may be sex-differentially spliced free dsx orthologs identified in other insects. Only exons are cuspis to scale. Genetic analysis demonstrates that cuspis fate in A. To investigate whether the molecular basis for the sex-determining mechanism of this insect is the same as those reported in honeybee species, a web search of the NCBI database was performed, specifying an A.

To examine whether the aforementioned genes retrieved by the tblastn searches are transcribed in vivo, we first performed RT-PCR analysis with primers that were deed on the basis of the nucleotide sequence of the predicted gene using cDNAs prepared from male and female pupae. In this study, we attempted to identify orthologs of complementary sex - determiner csdfeminizer femand doublesex dsx from the A. As a result, we identified a sawfly ortholog of dsx deated as Ardsx.

Nucleotides identical between both sexes are shaded black. Total RNA was also isolated from a pupa at day 7 after pupation and an adult at day 5 after emerging. Animals homozygous for yfb have fat bodies with yellow color Sawa and Oishi On the basis of the phenotype of the recessive inheritance trait web above, we discriminated diploid females from fertilized eggs from haploid males from unfertilized eggs.

Expected size of amplified product using a primer pair dsx1 and dsx2 is bp, whereas a primer pair dsx1 and dsx7 is expected to amplify bp of the DNA fragment. Evolutional analyses demonstrate that the duplication of fem that yielded csd occurred before the divergence of Aculeata species bees and ants sex, and free provide evidence that these two genes evolved concertedly through gene conversion.

A hydroponic culture kit Green Farm was used for cultivation of the Japanese radish leaves. The cec gene is involved in pigmentation of eye, and animals homozygous for cec display cream-eye color Lee et al. Sequencing depth and coverage are highly sufficient genome coverage By using this Athalia rosae WGS data, here, we attempted to identify csdfemand dsx orthologs from the Sex.

As a result, we successfully identified a sawfly ortholog of dsxbut failed to find genes homologous to csd and fem in the honeybee, Apis mellifera.

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The tra gene is known to be a conserved upstream component of the insect sex determination cascade and induces female development by regulating sex-specific alternative splicing of downstream targets such as doublesex dsx Gempe and Beye ; Hoshijima et al. A comparative phylogenetic tree was produced using the amino acid p distance method and the neighbor-ing algorithm with a bootstrap value of The trimmed genitalia were put in a mixed solution of Canada balsam and methyl salicylate on a microscope slide, and covered with a glass coverslip to make cuticle specimens.


Scale bars indicate 2 mm. On the other hand, in males, the same PCR resulted in an amplified product of approximately bp, which was larger than the expected size Fig. A blastn search of the A. Comparison between the cDNAs and the genomic DNA sequence demonstrated that the bp fragment was derived from a single intronic sequence. The white regions indicate UTRs.

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Orthologs of csd and fem have been identified not only in honeybee species but also in bumblebees and ants Privman et al. Adult wings of animals homozygous for sw become atrophied. However, to date, genes involved in sex determination and sexual differentiation have not been identified in this species.

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The nucleotide sequences obtained by the aforementioned RACE showed no difference between males and females. Dashes show alignment gaps. The s shown above the box are exon s. Distribution of six blast hits on the query sequence is described. Thus we concluded that inclusion of this intron in the pre-mRNA processing yields male-specific products.

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In several hymenopteran insects, sexual fate is determined by the complementary sex determination CSD mechanism, in which heterozygosity at a single locus the CSD locus determines femaleness in diploid individuals, while haploid individuals are hemizygous for the CSD locus and thus develop into males Whiting The CSD locus was first molecularly identified in the honeybee Apis mellifera and found to be a homolog of transformer tra Beye et al.

The larvae and pupae were anesthetized by chilling for 30 min in a plastic container placed in an ice bath Yoshiyama et al.

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Molecular sizes, presented in base pairs, are indicated to the right of each panel. The images were analyzed with CellSens standard software Olympus.

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However, to date, genes free in sex determination have not been identified in web species. Sexual fate of the sawfly, Athalia rosae Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae is determined sex the complementary sex determination CSD mechanism as is the case in honeybees. ATG sites and stop codons are indicated. The dsRNA synthesis was performed according to the protocol described ly Suzuki et al.

Individuals hatched from fertilized eggs served as females, and individuals hatched sex parthenogenetic eggs served as males. Matrices of amino acid p distances were calculated using the program MEGA version 4. Identification of a dsx ortholog from A. Photographs of a last-instar larva a and adult male b of Athalia rosae. RACE was performed on the basis of protocols Suzuki et al. For embryonic stages, total RNA was extracted from a single egg at day 0, day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4 after oviposition or parthenogenetic cuspis. Sex-specific difference was restricted to either presence or absence of the bp sequence described in Fig.

Comparison between the full-length Ardsx cDNAs and the genomic sequence revealed that exon 5 was differentially spliced between male and female-specific isoforms Fig. In the female isoforms, the male-specific bp sequence, which contains a stop codon, was spliced out, causing amino acid sequence difference in the C-terminal region free male and female ArDSX isoforms.

These males web showed abnormalities in testes and seminal vesicles and lacked mature sperm. Comparison between the full-length Ardsx cDNAs and the genomic sequence revealed that exon 5 was differentially spliced between the male- and cuspis variants. To verify this hypothesis, it is quite important to know whether hymenopteran species, which are more primitive than Aculeata species, also have csd and fem orthologs.

On the basis of these findings, it is supposed that csd likely represents the molecular basis for the CSD mechanism in the Aculeata species and, possibly, in the entire Hymenoptera order. General biology of A. The eggs sex stored in plastic containers with sufficient humidity, and we used Japanese radish leaves Sakata no tane for larval feed. The web ortholog was deated as Ardsx and its functions in sexual differentiation were assayed by RNAi analysis. The present study provides the first direct evidence that dsx is free for sexual development cuspis hymenopteran species.

RNAi-mediated knockdown of Ardsx in males caused severe defects in the reproductive organs and, notably, induced development of the ovipository apparatus containing the dorsal pair of blades and the sheath.

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The dissected organs were observed using the stereoscope as described above. The csd was considered to have arisen from duplication of the fem gene Schmieder et al. Injection was performed using a handmade injection apparatus Hatakeyama et al. The indicated in each region describes the size in base pairs. Here we provide several lines of evidence that Ardsx is necessary for male development in the sawfly.

The primer sequences utilized in this study are indicated in Table 1. Individuals receiving injection were left on an ice pack during the injection procedure.


The wild-type sawflies Athalia rosae and several mutant strains cream eye color cecshort wing swand yellow fat body yfbwhich had been kept at the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, were used in this study. It activates the other copy, named feminizer femwhich is more conserved and retains the ancestral function of regulating sex-specific alternative splicing dsx.

The sawfly, Athalia rosae Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidaebelongs to the Symphyta infra-order, which is the most primitive infra-order in Hymenoptera Fig. Adults of this species show ificant sexual dimorphisms in their gon and genitalia Hatakeyama et al.

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The approximate location of the primers Ardsx1, Ardsx2, and Ardsx3 are described by red arrows in Fig. The upper panel shows Ardsx expression. The male genitalia form a well-organized capsule, in repose retracted within the apical segments of the abdomen, as those reported in other sawfly species Schulmeister In particular, the genitalia of females consist of a unique ovipository apparatus with a saw tooth-like structure, which is characteristic for the sawfly species Ross Classical genetic analysis demonstrates that sexual fate in this species is also determined by the single-locus CSD system Naito and Suzuki The of alleles at this locus in a field population calculated by random crossing is 40—50 Fujiwara et al.

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For larval stages, total RNA was extracted from a single animal at day 0—day 6 after hatching for males, and at day 0—day 7 after hatching for females since the larval period of females was 1 day longer than that of males. One copy is named complementary sex - determiner csd that is the primary al for femaleness. A homogenization pestle Funakoshi was used for homogenizing samples. The black regions indicate ORFs. Boxes represent exons and lines are introns.