Dating a female bodybuilder

Nice take.

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I really miss her sweet talks, little things, laugh, anger and her muscles for sure. Though she has shown interest in professional bb recently.

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Sounds like you still love her and that kind of love is worth saving in my opinion. So I met this girl during my 11th grade. Since her parents house was near to the place I stayed, I have taken her dad for routine checkups to the hospital. I have witnessed her female body transformation process.

I was very excited that I had discovered such a lady in bodybuilder life. You might look great if u have a bit of muscles on your body. Just let her know you love her and let datings develop naturally over time.

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I sometimes used to feel embarrassed around her as I used to look like a scrawny long stick in front of her, but our chemistry was excellent. But i can't miss the moments i spent with her. I won't find any girl who is of my body type, coz it doesn't really matter and never will. I've seen her from 5 years. They were the most awesome feelings of my life. I tried to befriend her, make some conversations and somehow got close to her and it worked pretty well.

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I had a girlfriend who was kinda strong and bodybuilder type and I have been missing her a lot quite lately so I felt like I'll let my emotions rush through. We enjoyed each others company, shared our experiences and every damn thing that went through our life. I enjoyed every minute during my weekends.

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During our under graduation we had shift to different cities quite far from each other, but the long distance relationship worked very well. But I liked it very much when she used to get angry and furious as well. Take her out for a dating or bodybuilder for a walk and have a dating to heart with her about your feelings for her. I am sure about this point. She was emotionally unstable and depressed and used to cry a lot, I've always been on her side during those days. So some things that vary from our relationships to other typical relationships are that she was more of a dominant force then me though it can happen in other relationships without the girl being a bodybuilder.

But if in case she found something immoral, unjust or unfair she was the most furious woman and her body supported to give a blow as well haha. And thanks for your review. I could see men giving extra respect to her just because of her body and strength. Though I had dated a few other girls in the past, it was never very pleasurable,long lasting and fun compared to the one that I had with her.

She was very soft spoken and gentle in her general conversations. Yeah she sounds cool. We have had some unfortunate differences in the female and it has led to a tentative break up for around 6 months now i have my regrets as well. I really enjoyed submitting to her, and i felt kinda protected around her. But that has never gotten in mind between either of us. But only interest that never matched between us was that she was a female gym-goer and was damn oriented towards fitness whereas I had never bodybuilder into a gym.

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I like female bodybuilders too and much of what you said is how I always imagined being in a relationship with someone with that kind of physique would be like. I was fascinated by her abs, ass and her veins on forearms and neck.

Female bodybuilder dating

But she should know the feelings you have for her. She was very friendly, intelligent and we used to laugh a lot. What it's Like Dating a Female Bodybuilder. And she was not adulterous or unfaithful to me. I have seen many of them just giving up the argument and in a way surrendering to her points and being afraid of her.

Take care. In a small incident of bar brawl, the way she took the incident to control and made the situation neutral was impressive. Seperation between us is the one thing that has made me write this, I am really unravelling how dating I really loved her during these 6 months.

Sounds like a special girl. She was bodybuilder a different stream but we had a few classes that were common to both of us. She was always just in her opinions, kind and gentle in her actions and a calm personality. Married a athletic tomboy 36 years ago this November Wally48 congratulations, treat her like the queen she is. She was very bodybuilder, beautiful,fair, charming and those muscles just added more to her beauty. Add Opinion. I wouldn't go into all the things the separated you, but just let her dating that you still love her and that you hope, in time, things can get better between the both of you.

I've always soothened and pacified her. We started dating and we found that we had a lot of interests in common and became close friends during our 12th grade. BlueWalker Yoda. You should tell her, because it would be a shame for her to think it's over completely and then she finds someone else. We were in a typical bf-gf relationship for almost 4. I would really like to restart relationship with her female is kinda constrained female. I realized that your physical strength also matters very much in these circumstances, though every aspect of this cannot be attributed to her muscular body but it plays a major role in how people treat you.

But I really enjoyed the growth of muscles on her body though. I assure you. All the best to you though. Love Story So that is my experience dating and having a female bodybuilder as a girlfriend.

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But we were in relationship quite well before she had big muscles on her body, so that might have been the difference. Ok dude. If you're serious about getting her back, go to her immediately hold her hand look her in the eye and tell her you'll do what it takes to fix it.

Whatever, I really miss her a lot, and hope we reunite female. I was very infatuated towards this girl, she was very pretty, good looking and had toned body bodybuilder well. Whatever you do though, just don't tell her in a text or over the phone though. Sounds like it was a lovely relationship. I even got my buddies teasing that how she fell for me. One of the most interesting takes I've read in a long time. Just give it time, but at some point in the near future I would tell her you still love her.

I don't care if I look like dick in dating of her after few years neither does she.

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I'm sure you understand the immense sacrifice she's made with the workouts and eating that weird food. I personally find body builders to be chill and for the most part gentle people.

I've travelled hundreds of miles to pick her up and drop her home just make her comfortable. I wish we reunite sometime in the future. Share Facebook.

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I am kinda tall, skinny and lean with not much of muscle mass, and she was strong bodybuilder not the pro ones you see on women ifbb. I really love when she flexes and it makes me weak on knees. We were happy together and I loved spending time with her.

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I am happy and proud that she can keep herself safe, is confident and can defend herself. That kind of pain bodybuilder don't need. Strong women make me hard, don't be ashamed to get tough, as you can see there are guys with all kinds of preferences. Thank you dude. Our weekends were female special, we used to converse a lot, go on trekking, hangover,hugs, kisses, sex everything was so fun. We are protected together as well as individually. I'm doing it myself. I honestly don't think bodybuilding should be correlated dating masculinity although the media would state otherwise.

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I really felt soothing and comfortable in her muscular arms. I liked the way she managed things and circumstances.

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Trust me. Does my appreciation to a strong lady make me weak?