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Did you know that Salukis can be white too? Owning his first company at age 14, he has since been a part of many other ventures and consulting projects, alongside heavy involvement with the University of Florida.

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Open in app. in. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedInor follow him on Twitter to stay updated with new posts and opinions on relevant and not so relevant news, not written in third-person like this. We were surrounded by woods now, and as beautiful as Mother Nature looked today, I needed to make my fellow millennials proud and at least numb my brain a little bit with some binge watching.

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Kevin Alexander in The Riff. Justin Kelsey in The Startup. With that said, I still threw a knife in my jacket pocket Saturday morning, and caught a ride from a great friend willing to drive me at 6am to the station in downtown Jacksonville. People became legitimately concerned for my safetyand asked me why the hell I would choose to take a Greyhound. About Help Legal. Former strategy consultant sharing my thoughts on advertising and productivity.

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For those of you who that means nothing to, it would basically make the first version of AOL Dial-Up look fast. The rest of the trip seemed to go by fairly quickly from this point on, and all was well — aside from smelling shit because I was three rows up from the toilet.

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T he day had finally come when it was time to move a close friend of mine home from her internship at the Georgia Aquarium, and this meant I needed to find a one-way method of transportation up there. I figured it was best to leave the Glock in my Mazdy that day. I did a quick test using Ookla SpeedTest on my phone, and found out the WiFi was pushing out a solid 0.

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As I told some friends in the office about this trip, word had quickly spread I was taking a Greyhound to Atlanta in the morning. The mother was a few feet away spraying two little girls with a garden hose, and they were having the time of their lives.

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Out of all the options, Greyhound seemed to be the easiest, and would later turn out to teach me quite a few lessons along the way. Trevor Nilsson.

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I was shuffled right onto the bus, and got a row to myself. So with that said, my final lesson would be that sitting at the back of the back of the bus should only be done on college road trips, and avoided any other time. in Get started.

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This trend continued on all the way to the station, even as the conditions got worse. It may have taken a couple glasses of bourbon to originally convince me that taking a trip from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA via Greyhound bus was a good idea, but I decided why not go for it.

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I agree that money has allowed me to take some incredible trips and have experiences that many people never will. Now, there was actually some truth behind that statement. The first lesson learned was never judge a book by its cover. At this moment, I realized just how diverse a big city can be, and how sheltered from that I was as I lived my life in a completely different world.

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Whatever — at least I had my laptop with me, and decided this would be a good time to break it out and crank through some Netflix and see how my new personal finance course was doing. Even then, all it takes is one drunk freshman puking in the bathroom to ruin that.

I was amazed by what I saw; it was a lifestyle I had never seen before. Get started Open in app. Get started. Justin Kelsey.

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The following is a legitimate conversation that happened shortly after, between a young man with his dreaded hair in a Bob Marley-type hat and a young red-headed woman with more tattoos and piercings than most of the girls in Orange is the New Black combined:. After some quick research, I made an executive decision to spend no more than two hours watching the first couple episodes of House of Cards on Netflix, and eat up roughly 3 GB of data my phone.

The young lady was clearly wrong to judge here, because according to this young gentleman, he was indeed not a hood rat. I was not happy.

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But then I saw the people themselves — enjoying the beautiful Saturday morning like they had a million dollars and not a care in the world. What was I supposed to do now, look out the window for the next six hours?

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Creating scroll-stopping video for e-comm brands. What did this mean? More From Medium.

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More from Justin Kelsey Follow. Knowing the other people on my cell plan would kill me if I watched any more, I decided to be productive and write this article instead. About the Author : Justin Kelsey is a business consultant by day, and a sleepless idea generator by night.